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When American Marine switched to fiberglass in 1973, it perhaps could not afford building molds for a fleet of GBs and for the bigger (at 46, 49, 53, and 55 feet) Alaskans. "If we had spent $130,000 on the fiberglass boat we would have had to live with it the way it was.". Maybe it's the rock music. That level of attention and personal accountability is very, very good. I don't think he could have said it better. As the boating industry crumpled under the weight of soaring fuel prices and double- digit interest rates, American Marine was soon facing bankruptcy. The optional alternative layouts all came from past custom work. The Grand Banks 60 can reach speeds up to 36 knots, has a range of over 2,500 nautical miles at 10 knots, and uses an unbelievably efficient 29 gal/hr of fuel 20 knots. All Rights Reserved. Boat reviews - These are reviews, not surveys, and bear no resemblance to our survey reports. Buying a boat like a Grand Banks is not order-taking on the part of the dealer, but rather an interactive process involving lots of discussion and planning between the buyers, the broker/dealer, Grand Banks Yachts, and American Marine. I can't imagine selling and doing something different.". Locate Grand Banks boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! An untold story in the cruising world is the value that can be found in some older boats selling for modest prices.Well-built decades ago, boats priced at less than $150,000 today have the potential to be cruising for decades more as long as they continue to receive the care that has kept them going for years. There were two models, a 10 meter (33') and an 11.5 meter (a 38' speedster priced at $72,000 in 1972). The boats are special, as are the people. All hull and deck molding will move to Malaysia, and Loyang will be dedicated to finishing the GB49 and larger, more custom, trawlers. The deal didn't work, and they kept looking. So, there are no holes in the headliner through which wiring once was routed. © 2021 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc., an Active Interest Media company. "But I went over and looked and my eyes fell out when I saw it." After all, they were introduced about the time an oil embargo sharply reduced the flow of gasoline and other fuels to the U.S., leaving motorists in gas station lines that were blocks long and sending pump prices soaring beyond belief. The galley is forward on the port side, opposite the helm station. In the automobile world, what would be its equivalent? Bob Livingston was expecting my question. Save This Boat. But then its perfect wood construction, the wire lifelines and stout stanchions, and the big cockpit would ring bells. All furniture is sealed, varnished, or painted. as well as a new galley stove, and new electrical panel. In fact, 80 percent of new Grand Banks are ordered with some level of customization, especially in the larger yachts, although Grand Bank's George Sass told me such custom work represents only about five percent of the total boat. We only produce what we need right now.". Water leaking around the deck fill plates is equally destructive to the top of a fuel tank. Loyang will open in May, 1999. She's a 32-footer, built in 1973. What is it? The Alaskan has a large cockpit, with upholstered seating around the perimeter. But she is sound and in good health, with a pair of reliable Ford Lehmans and a diesel-fired heating system. Locate Grand Banks boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! A Florida company called Daytona Marine added water-cooled exhaust manifolds and turbochargers (on some) and began selling the engines for marine use. The general styling of the GB was seized by a score of other builders for fleets of look-alike yachts sold under dozens of names, but which could not match the quality of construction for which American Marine was famed. A 32-footer of the teak-and-mahogany generation today will fetch between $40,000 and $60,000 depending on condition; when GB quit building the baby yacht a few years ago, it was priced at $200,000. I asked him for his perspective on what makes a Grand Banks a Grand Banks. Once he finished screwing down the teak, he moved aft a short distance, pulling his tools with him, where he started the process over. Care is apparent: the engine has a new exhaust system and heat exchanger. Roberts and Phillips then work each issue with the appropriate people back at American Marine. The current direction of the island country is to develop a substantial national information technology to lead the world in technology. Finally, they made an offer on a fiberglass 1985 36-footer that was listed at $130,000. He will install a fish finder, to improve chances of landing a salmon. American Marine was using wire life lines instead of handrails that year. Indeed. They replaced the heads, added a new and bigger alternator, and new batteries,. To Singapore. A Seiko is well made and is probably actually more accurate. Despite this extensive list of layouts and options, Grand Banks is similar to many of today's production builders in that customers are also asking for additional custom work. Some of the men worked in small groups, others fluttered around inside the boat doing God knows what. Design changes are kept on file at Grand Banks, which, after thirty-some years of operation, include most everything that can be done to a Grand Banks. There are few holes in the process of buildinga Grand Banks. PMM calls them "affordable boats,"but there's nothing secondrate or quality-challenged here.These trawlers make wonderful cruising yachts and comfortable liveaboards, and, over time, we'll review va rious makes and models of these so-called "affordable boats.". 1. May is the proper word. And young Singaporeans are not choosing to apprentice in the gritty skills of boat building, preferring instead techology careers in modern offices. That door was considered an emergency exit to the aft cockpit. It takes a lot of work to keep a fiberglass boat healthy, too. There's karma, just like Rolls Royce. A few of the Chantyman line are still cruising, and every time one shows up at a Grand Banks rendezvous, everyone again asks, "What the heck is that?". - page 1 I don't think there is any company, in any industry, that has better customers. For those willing to search diligently, there are some great buys out there. LOCATION: Swan River Perth WA, Western Australia 36' 0" / 10.98m; 1988; AU $195,000; Grand Banks 32 Cockpit Model. Used Grand Banks power boats for sale from around the world. As the economy staggered and interest rates reached into double digits, business expansion faltered and Laguna production ceased. Countersink and replace nails with screws. There are also no rough or unfinished edges behind corners, where tools and hands just can't reach when an interior is built in the boat. ", A boat that is properly painted and sealed can take the weather, but maintenance efforts and costs will be greater. This requires a good chain of internal communications, which is well-defined at Grand Banks. The workers in Malaysia still build the boats by hand, but there is much more automation of the management of the process. This Grand Banks 36 is the best one we have seen in years ! Brokers and dealers channel all questions and requests for custom quotes through Ed Roberts in Connecticut, or Bob Phillips at the Grand Banks office in Newport Beach, California. Old GB woodies are definitely worth a look if the "affordable" factor is part of your search for your next cruising motorboat. The company is developing a new pilothouse boat, to be called the Aleutian. Thiele adds: "I've clearly gone farther with this boat than I started out to do, and have spent more money than I can sell it for. The wheel is amidships and visibility is good. I set out to find the answer to this question, and, as it turned out, my quest would take me literally around the world. All Rights Reserved. Wait a minute. The job card is the single most important document in the entire process, because it tells the story of how each boat is to be constructed. He keeps her in a house at the Bremerton Yacht Club. One more helpful word from Thiele: "One thing I've done very successfully during the restoration was to work alongside the professionals I hired. The answer to my question wasn't going to be found solely in Southport or Newport Beach. Ask someone to name the best traditionally styled trawler, and the response will be Grand Banks, usually said with a wistful look in the eye. The pilothouse is up a couple of steps from the saloon. The 42 woodie will be priced from $100,000 to $125,000, depending on age and condition. Currency $ - USD - US Dollar Sort Sort Order List View Gallery View Submit. He has spent the past two years restoring a 1966 32-foot GB (Hull #16 in the 32 line). A Brief History Of Grand Banks And American Marine. Her owner was ill and the boat had not been used in seven years. Not all old Grand Banks yachts are wrecks. One building held the molds for the big GB49/52 hull and deck molds, as well as the monstrous GB58 mold, which sat like a king lion in one corner of the building shed. Carpenters worked alone at their stations, and, as I watched, the sound of table saws filled the air, accompanied by contemporary Singaporean music coming from a radio located so everyone or no one can listen. The brow of the bridge and bridge seats also are common problem areas. He has repaired worn and leaking decks, replaced rusting fuel tanks, and added new paint and varnish. Wong is Chief Operation Officer at American Marine. Terry was in a meeting and would have to call me right back. "I've been through just about everything possible with a wood GB," he told me. Each was meticulously hand built of wood by Asian shipwrights. It takes expert skills to repair and paint a wooden boat, and if a boat is 30 years old its engine is probably shot. Others picked up the style, and Ocean Alexander and De Fever, among others, now produce boats whose styling comes directly from the Alaskans. Then they moved her to Seattle, for even more refurbishing. They may have taken a woodie in trade and brokers often know where good ones are hidden, even if they have not been listed for sale. To find the best boat, a buyer should make some judgments: From a few hours poking around, one can almost always determine if a boat is a loser, or if it may be okay. Once a week they make the 150-mile drive from Portland to spend several days aboard Emerald Isle, working on and learning how to operate her. From inside, it may be possible to see that a couple of bottom planks have pulled away from the chine log. "Every boat building crew needs to be listening to rock music," Livingston responded with a laugh. Big bucks, no doubt.). Teak window frames hung in quantity like rectangular hula hoops, waiting their turn in the assembly process. Moisture also encourages decay in deck framing beneath the saloon door on 32s, in the bulwarks on some Alaskans, and at the point where decks change elevation. At the completion of sea trials, each boat is hauled out for final detailing, and yet another round of checklist activity. Loyalty is extremely high, which alone speaks volumes. Today, fiberglass rules with teak continuing in a decorative role. Fuel supply or cost don't concern go-fast boaters. (With the engines out, it could be time for a general revamping of the engine room and for replacement of the fuel tanks. The GB36 is not being built this year, partly because of market demand for larger boats, which yield better profits. It was now time for a major change of tempo-a visit to the Malaysian Grand Banks yard in Johor Bahru. We do not publish the results of the surveys that we perform. "We know the boat. Spray was the prototype of the line that would succeed. The seat boxes on the older GBs are not ventilated and lack the teak grates found on newer yachts. ), They shipped the boat from Marina del Rey to Seattle and moved aboard, even after their son was born. I learned that once a job card is created for a new boat, and a slot allocated in the schedule, many concurrent projects begin. (Another footnote for historically fastidious: The 45' Alaskan was a stretched 42' and did not have a pilothouse. They made an offer of $70,000 and bought it, "So we got this boat, and neither of us had a clue how to operate it or how to dock it," Maureen shared. This has been both good and bad.". Copyright 2000 © Dominion Enterprises (888.487.2953) I've long wondered about the essence of desire, the underlying passion for material things...objects deemed exceptional because of what they are, or what they represent. In 1967, the 32s had teak caprails and the galley was moved forward for good. Malaysia has the look and feel of a developing country, a land on the move. Late last year the boat went into a shed for a paint job, some woodwork and for replacement or refurbishment of the bronze through-hull fittings. Bernard Sim, Senior Shipping Officer in American Marine's Planning & Shipping Department, was quite articulate in answering my question. This is "one of the biggest ticket items to fix," says Bunker Hill, a Los Angeles-area surveyor with years of experience on wood boats. Adjacent to the carpenters is an area where each piece of furniture is sanded to a smooth finish and varnished, and sanded, and varnished... over and over. "Absolutely. That is to say they are experienced boaters who will use their trawler as a central point for family enjoyment-a grown family that now includes children, grandchildren, and friends. It was unlike Spray or the 36GBs that would follow, but Chantyman certainly was a design that introduced the concept of a production trawlertype yacht to the boating world. The enthusiasm of the management. The 2000 36 Classic has no door through the after wall.). As much as the individual counts in Singapore, here it is the team. While the plywood deckhouse is vulnerable, the mahogany planking is virtually bulletproof. "It has really been fun though. "Building a GB is exciting. In addition to this youthful spirit, I also noticed many young women on the Malaysian teams-making fiberglass parts, sanding helm wheels, running wires, and doing much the same work as the men. Venice, Florida. Another benefit is that installing machinery can lead to damaging dings (or worse) to the boat's interior furniture, so American Marine installs engines, tanks, and other major equipment in the hull before finished interior modules slip into place. In 1975, control passed to a group of investors headed by Bob Livingston, who continues as chairman today. Today, the base price of a new 36 is $350,000.Taxes and commissioning easily will push the total to $400,000 or more.A 42 Classic-the famous tri-cabin-today has a base price of about $550,000. She will sleep four, but two is best. Her brightwork is flawless. The listings often include photos, a full description of the vessel and, of course, the name of the selling brokerage. I called Terry Ionta in Yarmouth, and popped the question to the man who had begun this journey with me. But these little boats are not wimpy. Many GB dealers have gone online and list their brokerage boats on a web page. Grand Banks 36 – Old Salt Page 3 of 11 Tender and Tender Motor Owners Personal Effects Kayaks Charts and Books Disclaimer The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. "In general, if a buyer is not a hands-on person and doesn't have the time or skills, I tell them not to buy a project, but that if they do, be sure they have deep pockets.". When the new owners take delivery of their new Grand Banks, they can be assured their trawler has been through numerous checkpoints to ensure rigid quality standards. Today, the base price of a new 36 is $350,000.Taxes and commissioning easily will push the total to $400,000 or more.A 42 Classic-the famous tri-cabin-today has a base price of about $550,000. They are not often on the market and usually are priced in the range of $200,000/$250,000, well above our arbitrary price cap Those big yachts, however, along with the entire fleet of Alaskan pilothouse cruisers, represent the best on the market for those looking for a boat to live aboard. "What makes a Grand Banks a Grand Banks is the quality craftsmanship that goes into each boat. In all I saw a dozen or so carpenter stations, each arranged so the men could share common power tools. The surveyor said the hull was one of the best he had seen.". The coming together of older experience and craftsmanship with youth and technology, will result in modern, yet still classic Grand Banks. Please note that the purpose of these reviews is educational, to help you discern the differences in quality among boats generally. Later, an image formed in my mind while I absorbed the sights and sounds at American Marine in Singapore. Build a network. Stepping off the plane after a thirteen-hour flight from London, I found myself in one of the most marvelous airport complexes ever. The job card is sacred at American Marine, on which the success or failure of everything depends. After 25 years, fuel tanks could be ready for replacement. If you casually pick up even a small piece of boat hardware, such as a deck cleat waiting for installation, you will find a little sticker with an American Marine label title "QC Passed" with the date and initials of the person who checked it. "With the restoration complete, I think the maintenance costs will be competitive with a glass GB, given that the brightwork and systems are identical on both boats, and represent the biggest maintenance expenses. Small Alaskans sell today for about $120,000, a little more than Dan and Ellen paid for La Buona Fortuna. The teak panel provided by the factory for instruments (above the helm) is virgin territory. Once the boat is purchased, there may be a need for talented shipwrights, electricians and mechanics. On some of the oldies, the chine block (timber framing at the chine, where bottom or deadrise planking meets the side of the boat) may pull loose from planks to which it is screwed. Soon after, at the Newport Boat Show, Ed introduced me to Terry Ionta, a broker with East Coast Yacht Sales in Yarmouth, Maine. Blocking out the noise of the surrounding activity, he concentrated on what he was doing, working constantly and without mistakes. "Why do people prefer a Rolex watch over a Seiko? When I first arrived at American Marine, the large production floor was filled with bare hulls, deckhouses being finished, cabin and saloon soles on which furniture was being attached, almost-complete interior modules with wiring harnesses neatly threaded through bulkheads and furniture, pallets of engines waiting for installation, and of course, The Grate Man. "Covered moorage is ideal," he answers. Both the hull and mechanical surveys were good. He also has refurbished a 1973 wood 36 GB, Black Opal. "Five years later we are very happy with our choice. Inside, the fabrics and vinyl are fresh, clean, and original. On the bridge, the crew unwittingly encourages it. This minimizes reengineering costs, not to mention keeping tabs on what people want. They were positioning resin-rich fiberglass cloth in the transom area, the boat still some time away from completion. "We have had virtually no problems," Dan says. American Marine's yard has a decidedly old world feel, look, and smell. "I said, if we get a boat it has to be cute like that," she remembers. They often publish newsletters that include notices of yachts for sale. In mid-1973 the line was switched to fiberglass although the wood and fiberglass models looked virtually identical until 1988 when they changed the molds. Each completed module is later trimmed, all edges and underneath surfaces sealed, epoxied or painted, and wires run for lighting, bow thruster control cables, and electrical outlets. Old Grand Banks usually have their original engines. I've always loved the look and style of the Grand "She was perfect," he says. Find Grand Banks 36 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. If so, water may have penetrated into the deck's plywood base. They share similar interior layouts, and both are built on the same semi-displacement hull— the difference is on the outside where the 36 MY’s raised aft deck provides a roomy platform for deck chairs, etc. After the deck wore, the wood plugs were too thin to stay in place. He has lots of experience with what works on a boat, and this experience is invaluable when working with buyers in planning a new boat. Be patient. When I looked back at this fellow later, his progress (slow and steady as it was) was quite noticeable. Spent nearly every night under cover, out of the rain that's so common in the Pacific Northwest. Regardless of age, Grand Banks yachts are well-built, comfortable sea boats much in demand because of their well-deserved reputation for quality. Grand Banks 36 Classic boats for sale 15 Boats Available. We begin this new series with a look at the classic wood Grand Banks and Alaskans built by American Marine in the late 1960s and early 1970s.-BillP. I mentioned that to Bruce. They ranged in size from 45' to 55', but production ceased after the 1973 model year when American Marine switched to fiberglass construction. Starting from the top, trouble on a wood GB is usually first found in the plywood used to build the deckhouse. Every change and modification is duly noted on it. Restoration of Black Opal has taken four years since he found the boat in Long Beach, California. Every time I passed by this fellow, the pile of grates continued to stack up, even though grates were being removed from this pile and installed in the boats on the floor. John Shearer and Maureen Carr of Portland, Oregon, were dining in a restaurant on Seattle's waterfront more than a year ago while they talked about buying their first boat. Dealers and their brokers also should offer valuable assistance in sorting the good from the bad. Number One Ownership of La Buona Fortuna, a 46-foot Alaskan, has been a happy experience for Dan Roach, Ellen Roth and their son Christopher. (GB folks aren't that naive, however. To the owner's of GB42E-1390, 46E-202, 42E- 1389, 42E-1388, 52E-008, 52E-007, and 52E- 006-congratulations, your boats look beautiful. What is the future? The Teutonic companies are also very high quality, but are much more progressive in advanced technology, as well as continuing to define the contemporary form-follows-function art form. Plug all of the holes. The deck teak is smooth, showing no signs of wear or ill treatment. Behind him teak strips lay in a pile, each numbered, already properly trimmed and sized. If you see three sets of doors, for example, it is because we have three boats under various stages of construction that will use those doors," Bruce explained. He added that, "If a guy feels like making window frames one week, he doesn't go off and build as many as he feels like, in the hope that we will someday use them. Each is built to very high standards by one company, American Marine, and the only real difference between them is duration, actual construction time. "I thought that maybe I'd spend $60,000 to $70,000, and after a bunch of work, it would be a nice 32. "I think my engineering and design background have allowed me to get into the details much farther than most owners. "Well, it seems to me that what makes a Grand Banks a Grand Banks is the lifestyle. Then the hull is moved to a special building where the stem is ground smooth (due to the two-piece hull mold, the stem often resembles the edges of a waffle that comes out of a waffle iron), the corners and window openings are trimmed, and all rough edges taken out. The company gave its boats a few more inches of beam and length in the late 1980s. It is, perhaps, the final element to a question that took me far and wide, looking for one answer where I found several. As refined and sophisticated as Singapore is today, Johor Bahru is the opposite, teeming with development and transition. When I visited the yard, there were five supervisors and twelve foremen overseeing production at GB Malaysia. Automation can not give you that... "Boat building is somewhat unique because it really doesn't lend itself to automation, and to find quicker, less labor-intensive methods of building the boat would result in it not being a Grand Banks.". Remove nail plugs, using a drill to remove the nail heads, and a hollow screw extractor to pull the nails. I've also had the opportunity to learn the basics from some great craftsmen.". American Bruce Livingston used to be general manager for Little Harbor Yachts in Taiwan. He spent a moment thinking, typically Maine. Supervisors wore collared sport shirts, so it was easy to spot them as they moved from work team to individual worker, checking progress, offering suggestions, answering questions, all the time ensuring steady progress. John talks with all kinds of people for advice: engine maintenance, wood repair, and paint, among the topics. Later, when I looked back at this interior station, I found every wire nicely finished and tied, the result of obvious expertise. "We have a lot of handwork in these boats. Diesel-powered, the 34' 6" boat had a raised pilothouse, high bulwarks and softer hull lines (no hard chines). Grand Banks 36 Classic . That's not much for a block that could run 20,000 hours with good care and upgrades. And, by the way, Spray continues to cruise today. The country has a population of 3.4 million people, mostly Chinese, although official languages include English, Tamil, Malay, as well as Chinese. Current plans are to open a new Singapore facility on the NE coast in Loyang, at the base of Serangoon Harbour. But don't be in a hurry. And everyone made lots of noise. Even the dealer must complete a formal checklist of items for warranty by Grand Banks and American Marine. Unsatisfactory. The quality of GB's finished teak furniture is fabulous. I asked if covered moorage should be considered mandatory for wood yachts. A wood 36 Classic, with two staterooms, two heads, and a modestsized saloon, will range from $60,000 to $80,000; superb specimens will go for more. He has replaced rotten window frames and decayed flybridge attachment cleats. A veteran boater, Hostvedt bought the GB nearly two years ago after being boatless for a while. Enthusiastic managers like Derik Lye are the thread that holds the assembly, manufacturing, quality control and development teams together. "I had owned a 36- foot Monk for 30 years and I demanded perfection and looked for that. The Yin and Yang of American Marine. 941-914-9217 × Save This Boat. "If it sounds like a lot of work, it is," Thiele says. That told me something about the man. There has been quite a heritage built up over the years in Singapore and now Malaysia, and the future of Grand Banks is all about staying faithful to that chosen path. They plan to do the exterior teak themselves, and John has already refinished most of the interior teak. In the end, I discovered a study of contrasts, the Yin and Yang of American Marine, and two faces of quality. © 2021 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc., an Active Interest Media company. “If I’d known what I was getting myself into, I probably wouldn’t have bought the boat in the first place,” says Eric Paulsen. "Firstly, the design is that of a conventional style boat. It is much easier to build a production interior this way, especially hard to reach sections, and there aren't little piles of sawdust in the bilges. There are many decisions to be made. Terry had once told me that he likes to build boats that he would love to own himself. Moored nearby was a 36-foot GB woodie. The Laguna died, while the trawlers kept chugging along, powered by thrifty Ford Lehman, Perkins, GM and John Deere diesels. In both Singapore and Malaysia, all completed boats undergo sea trials to check each boat and its systems. Here's why woodies are interesting. John and Maureen are budgeting boat ownership. Most problems occur because a boat has been neglected, because it has not been painted and bedded, because window leaks have not been fixed, because its mechanical systems have not been upgraded and babied, because it has been ignored. And the poor fellow didn't even have Indy's bullwhip! Pre-owned 1964 Grand Banks 36 Classic trawler (1,000 hrs) for sale in Kingston, Washington (near Shoreline). These craftsmen produce a steady flow of beautiful teak furniture that is stacked and lined up, one piece as exquisite as the next. ", Pay for thorough out-of-the-water surveys. Its first owner, when it was documented in the U.S. in 1967, was Arthur DeFever, designer of the 46 Alaskan. At the same time he constantly fended off the thick wires that kept trying to recoil and entrap him. Parts are available, although it may take some determined scrounging, particularly for the systems GB added to the Deere block it converted for marine use. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, with a Masters Degree from the University of London, Bruce didn't ascend through the ranks of a boat yard. Throw in wet lines and fenders and other damp stuff and decay will show in the plywood base of the hatch cover, and possibly in soft planking at the transom corners. Grand Banks of-fered a pair of two-stateroom, galley-up interiors in in 36 MY: The Forward is the stateroom, with Vberths, and a small head with shower. John and Maureen have spent a lot, but not what the fiberglass boat would have cost. Seldom does a surveyor find decay in underwater planking, and when it does appear, it may be wood burn or electrolysis around a through-hull fitting and not true rot. I spoke about the old and new with Bob Livingston (no relation to Bruce), President of American Marine. Simultaneously, however, the world's trawler builders, including American Marine, were praising the fuel economy of a low horsepower, singleengine boat that could run a season on a tank of diesel fuel. Their boat is kept in an open moorage, although now that they live ashore, they are thinking about finding a covered space.

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