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[6], Emerging from the cave, Starkiller was counciled by Yoda to follow what he had seen. As Starkiller turned to leave, Vader countered that as long as Juno lived, he would always control Starkiller. With Starkiller down and mortally wounded, his attacker de-cloaked, thus revealing that he had been secretly watching the duel the entire time. [25] But in the dark side ending, Starkiller is stabbed just before he can kill Vader by the Dark Apprentice (another successful clone) trained by Vader. [6], Needing a shortcut across the facilities interior towards the base of the cloning spires, Starkiller climbed on top of the hangar doors and leapt onto a passing Y-wing. [7] Before deciding on Starkiller's character, other ideas for the main character included a Han Solo-like smuggler, a superheroic Rebel Wookiee, "the last Skywalker" and a gadget-wielding mercenary. My gameplay video from Star Wars The Force Unleashed. Starkiller’s sacrifice is even memorialized by the Rebels who adopt his family crest as their symbol. As Starkiller looked at the face of the man who killed him, he saw that it was his face, only pale and visibly corrupted by the dark side. Vader then declared that Starkiller would suffer the "same fate as the others." Like the failed clones created by Darth Vader, Starkiller was programmed with the knowledge and skills of Galen Marek via memory flashes. [6] Within, he engaged Imperial Saber Guards and Sith Acolytes, and finding to his horror that most of the cloning tanks within the spire contained more clones of Galen Marek. Unsuccessful, PROXY apologized for his failure, though Starkiller was quick to forgive him, stating that the fault was his own, for seeking out Juno in the first place. Starkiller's momentary confusion allowed Vader to knock him down and quietly retreat. However, he was halted at the last second by Rahm Kota and his squad. But such an unprecedented level of growth acceleration, combined with the inherent difficulty in cloning from a Force-sensitive template, lead to numerous defects in the first subjects. [15][24] At the end of the game, if the player chooses the light-side ending, Starkiller spares Vader, capturing him, and rescues Juno. Starkiller is initially kept in secret. Starkiller was set to return in the cancelled game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III, which was meant to conclude The Force Unleashed saga. [6], Starkiller wasn't reassured by this information, despite Kota's belief that it proved he wasn't a clone. In order to avoid the character being over emotional, they tried to let short pieces of dialogue and looks carry scenes so that the player could interpret how Starkiller felt. 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[1] He first appeared in the game's announcement trailer, released during the 2009 SPIKE TV Video Game Awards on December 12. Through the Force, he learned that they all had the same inner turmoil that mirrored his own, hence causing him to feel as though he had committed fratricide—even suicide—by killing his clone brothers, all of whom were made from the same genetic source that created Starkiller. Afterward, Kota introduced Starkiller to his squad's medic, the Cerean Ni-Ke-Vanz. The developers also wanted to avoid making Starkiller seem irredeemably evil, and used elements of his backstory and his relationships with other characters to balance it, while trying not to explain too much of his backstory. At the conclusion of his training, Starkiller was to travel there and execute the Jedi. The cause of the Alliance was of little concern to him, and thus he was willing to comply with Vader's wishes to destroy the insurrection of his former apprentice. This is the light side ending. His wrists and knees were also covered by bare-metal guards. However, this argument is largely based around Rahm Kota's perspective. [5] During an interview to Haden Blackman by The Guardian, he claimed that most of the testing players wanted the character to be ultimately redeemed by the end of the game. In the early marketing of The Force Unleashed II, the clone is wearing a different costume known as the "combat arena" costume in the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360's unlock of costumes. Because look, you've got the central character of the series – that's Darth Vader. Starkiller defended the Alliance flagship, the Salvation, during an Imperial attack. Starkiller agreed, casting aside his lightsabers and dropping to his knees. However, they were being tracked by Slave I, which had been hiding in the wreckage from the battle. One such appearance was in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II official game website, where unlockable videos showed parts of his missions during the game. Physical description En route, he was forced to defend the vehicle against an assault by Imperial air forces, destroying most of the opposition. Sean Williams' novelization was released in the United States on 19 August 2008. Starkiller easily held them off and turned on Vader. With this sudden comprehension, Starkiller attempted to reason with Vader, even as their fight increased in intensity. Darth Vader asserted that Starkiller's feelings for Eclipse were artificial; the result of flaws he failed to eliminate from an experimental cloning procedure, and one of many emotional imprints that were randomly distributed into each clone of Galen Marek. [56] Starkiller was voted the top 10th Star Wars character by IGN's readers. [13], The Dark Apprentice was ordered by Darth Vader in the last scene of Distant Thunder to "intervene only when necessary" in Vader's upcoming battle with the other clone of Marek. The Alliance leadership was deadlocked, as they didn't have the firepower to take out a meaningful Imperial target, and hit-and-run raids wasted too many lives. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [52] Jesse Schedeen listed Starkiller as one of the best video game entertainers of 2008, commenting that "Starkiller unleashed the Force in ways the movies never showed us". The clone infiltrated Cato Neimoidia to rescue General Rahm Kota, hoping that Marek's Jedi mentor would lead him directly to Eclipse. The little of the plot that was revealed indicated that Starkiller would be forced into an alliance with Darth Vader to combat a threat made by Darth Sidious. [11] Sam Witwer has said that Starkiller would be a character he wouldn't mind revisiting. As was the case with most of the Galen Marek clones, Starkiller was trained to fight with dual-lightsabers. [18] But after Starkiller is discovered by Emperor Palpatine, Vader sends Starkiller to find the Galactic Empire's enemies and unite them. A clone was its own distinct individual, based on the biological structure of the original subject, but ultimately a different version of its template. Making his way towards one of the Imperial hangar bays, he fought his way through dozens of Imperial troops, as well as clearing out a group of snipers harrying Rahm Kota and his squad. The pilot, Wedge Antilles, obliged to Starkiller's request for a ride, flying him across the dome. Pursuing the monstrous droid into the Salvation's reactor chamber, Starkiller destroyed it. En route, Kota presented Starkiller with a pair of blue lightsaber crystals, relics of the Clone Wars; Starkiller accepted the gifts and installed them in his dual-lightsabers.[6]. Starkiller, born Galen Marek and also known as The Apprentice, is the fictional protagonist of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video games and literature, part of the Star Wars expanded (Legends) universe. Leaping off and entering the spire, Starkiller began ascending. Through a new cloning process, the Sith Lord was able to accelerate a clone's growth to full maturity in a few short weeks, far quicker than the Kaminoan method and even faster than Spaarti technology. This design was featured in the cinematic trailers, the concept and promotional art, and the graphic novel adaptation. [1], A garment adopted by Starkiller just before his and Kota's rendezvous with the Rebel fleet, his Hero's armor would become his primary outfit. Kota called for taking Vader prisoner to interrogate and formally execute him, reasoning to Starkiller that Vader was the only one who knew for sure whether or not he was truly a clone. Witwer remained involved with the Star Wars franchise, voicing Darth Maul in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels and the film Solo: A Star Wars Story. Upon building up sufficient levels of Force energy, he would channel it through his body, heavily amplifying his already formidable abilities. [32], Williams took on the writing project in part because of the "catchy description" of The Force Unleashed being "Episode 3.5" of the Star Wars saga. In his eyes, the original apprentice's codename and birth name belonged to a different man, not to the clone who had been created to replace him.[6]. Engaging the Imperial forces that boarded the Salvation, Starkiller systematically eliminated them before returning to the bridge. Once in the western arch, he made his way to the entrance to the Tarko-se Arena.[1]. Tarko fell into the Gorog's open mouth while Kota was grabbed by the beast before it fell. When Darth Vader threatened to kill Eclipse via strangulation through the Force, Starkiller submitted to his former Master once more.[6]. While Kota remained on the bridge to take command of the ship, Starkiller continued on alone, following the destructive trail left by Vader's bounty hunter and the Imperial forces.[6]. [39] In Soulcalibur IV he is known as "The Apprentice". Tortured by his own mind as he wandered the corridors, Starkiller was attacked twice more by Vader before reentering the larger interior spaces of the spire. As he moved to strike down his former Master, a red-bladed lightsaber emerged from the center of his torso. [1], The clone would also adopt a worn-out training suit[1] that was used by the original Starkiller.[9]. Starkiller immediately attempted to reach Juno, wanting desperately to save her, but found his path blocked by Vader. While he attempted to project a bold front, Starkiller was inwardly confused and uncertain. [25] Starkiller's dark side clone reappeared in downloadable content for the video game, which takes place on Endor. While Starkiller's actions were motivated by his fixation on Eclipse, and by extension the influence that Marek's emotional imprints had on him, the clone managed to distinguish himself as a separate individual from his genetic template to a certain degree. [1], Darth Vader made himself visible on one of the tank platforms, declaring that Starkiller would either surrender to him or die. [38], Starkiller debuted in Soulcalibur IV as a fighter, alongside Darth Vader and Yoda. [6] His fixation with Juno also motivated him to aid the Rebel Alliance during the Assault on Kamino despite his indifference towards its cause. Darth Vader revealed that they had all been undermined by a variety of emotional imprints; some were distracted by memories of Marek's father; others were conflicted by his younger self; yet all experienced the same identity crisis that drove them into a state of complete and utter madness. [6] But Vader simply redoubled his own attack in response, making it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the Rebellion. While unconscious, Starkiller remembered Galen Marek's mother, and how she sacrificed herself to protect her family from Trandoshan slavers before Galen's abduction by Vader. c. 1 BBY[2] However, his determination to be with Eclipse was used by Darth Vader as a way to lure the clone back to Kamino, having captured the Alliance officer in a battle near the Itani Nebula. Brown[1] As with his telekinetic abilities, Starkiller's lightning even had the potential to disintegrate targets. When Vader was defeated by the clone at the end of the game, the Dark Apprentice chose not to intervene in Vader's capture for unknown reasons, as seen in the light-side ending. Most notably, Starkiller's Force repulse unleashed sufficient energy to disintegrate enemies within a certain proximity, the only protection against this ability being either heavy armor or advanced Force abilities. [1], The vast majority of the clones wielded silver lightsabers, but Starkiller and other select clones were provided with weapons that emitted a red blade. [6] Unlike the first Starkiller, who had gone to extreme lengths to uncover more memories of his forgotten childhood,[4] all the while developing an affinity for his Rebel allies,[9] the clone spared no feelings for the Rebel Alliance or the dead parents of his template. [40] Vader Force Chokes the Apprentice for disobeying him,[40] causing the Apprentice to draw his lightsaber and prepare to fight Vader. With the evidence including the Dark Apprentice's appearance in the novel through a Force vision, as well as being mentioned in the Databank profile of the canonical Aberrant Clones, it is assumed that the Dark Apprentice is a canonical character. He was initially loyal and subservient to the will of his creator; fearful of failure yet also determined to prove his worth as the successor to the Dark Lord's original secret apprentice. [6], As he prepared to face the true Darth Vader, Starkiller also found himself confronted by a veritable army of aberrant clones of Galen Marek, thus proving that Vader had not lied about creating other clones of Marek, as Starkiller had originally believed. Even as they fought across the top level of the tower, Starkiller sensed that Vader was still testing him, and attempted to keep a handle on his emotions. Knowing that Rahm Kota would most likely be a valuable asset in tracking down Juno, Starkiller decided to rescue his progenitor's former Jedi ally. George Lucas motivated the team working on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to make a brand-new character. Having exhausted all other options, he decided to travel to Dagobah.[6]. [1], Starkiller evidently found his Imperial flightsuit garment on board Darth Vader's fighter when he stole the vessel. Faced with what were essentially alternate versions of himself and his template, Starkiller was forced to truly accept his identity as a clone in the face of this overwhelming proof. Fury allowed the already powerful Starkiller to become a nigh unstoppable force of destruction, though its taxing nature meant that Starkiller could only draw on it sparingly.[1]. In the light-side ending, Vader's life was not in immediate danger, thus not requiring the Dark Apprentice to stop "Starkiller" from executing the Sith Lord.[13]. [59] Starkiller was also voted as the 17th top video game character by Game Informer's readers. [26] The light side ending is also used in the novel adaptation, though the dark side ending is used as a vision Starkiller sees on Juno's ship, the Salvation. However, his relaxed attitude quickly vanished when the rancor was seized and consumed by a massive Gorog, and he ignited his second blade. This evil incarnation of Starkiller is first introduced canonically in the Jedi Temple DLC for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, in which Galen Marek travels to the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant at the command of Jedi Master Rahm Kota. He declared to Vader that by letting him live, he had broken the Sith Lord's hold over him. While taking a rapid cargo tram towards the Salvation bridge, Kota informed Starkiller about the state of affairs within the Alliance. [1], The Gorog managed to break loose of its restraints and fling Starkiller aside, destroying the hanging arena's supports in an enraged pursuit of the Force Adept. Masters Starkiller mastered the art of Jar'Kai—a lightsaber combat form designed for the use of dual blades. Experiencing a sudden memory flash of the original Starkiller being betrayed by Vader, Starkiller then decided to escape this outcome, and therefore turned on Vader at the last moment. However, as he turned on the last faux-Rebel, he realized that it was an imitation of Juno Eclipse. Ultimately, the renegade clone was able to save Eclipse and, in the process, defeated the Dark Lord of the Sith in a lightsaber duel. Starkiller's skills with telekinesis were such that he could catch and crush TIE fighters in mid-flight. [46] IGN's Jesse Schedeen called Starkiller's appearance in Soulcalibur IV the second best bonus character in the series, complementing his inclusion from a story standpoint as "[Soulcalibur IV] is about the dichotomy between good and evil, corruption and redemption, [...] Starkiller is a Dark Jedi who finds himself at a crossroads. [54] Chris Buffa put Starkiller as the 19th top anti-hero, commenting that "the thought of cutting through good guys as a Sith filled us with murderous joy", also praising his eventual turn to good. Vanz also elaborated on the complications of cloning Force-sensitives, particularly how the clones would lapse into insanity, causing them to develop psychotic and violent tendencies. [2][12] However, the novelization, told largely from Starkiller's point of view, generally leaves the idea as viable.[6]. Starkiller also appears as a crossover character, along with Darth Vader and Yoda, in the fighting video game Soulcalibur IV, which was released before The Force Unleashed and included the character as a contemporary tie-in. [14] Matt Filbrandt, one of the producers of The Force Unleashed II, said that the Starkiller in the second game is trying to find out "who he is" and "what it means to be human". Having rid himself of the original Starkiller's emotions, the dark clone walked past Juno's body. Hair color [2][3][4][5] The character's likeness and voice were provided by Samuel Witwer,[6] who would later voice Darth Maul in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels and in the film Solo: A Star Wars Story. Vader casually parried the attack, and blocked the follow-up with his lightsaber and telekinesis, throwing Starkiller off his feet as the platform bucked. Returning to his ship, Starkiller traveled to Malastare to find Kota. As he had not changed the transponder in Vader's ship, he was believed to be the Dark Lord and was directed to an executive landing pad, where he was greeted by a full retinue of stormtroopers and Baron Merillion Tarko, the Imperial governor controlling the world from Tarko-se, a city that he named after himself. Born Arriving at Nordra, Starkiller and Kota docked aboard the Salvation ahead of Kota's squad, which had taken an alternate vessel. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Making his way to Tarko's executive box, he rendezvoused with Kota and confronted the Baron. Starkiller later replaced the red crystals with a set of blue crystals provided by Rahm Kota. [41] Starkiller also appears in Star Wars: Visions of the Blade, an Infinities comic focusing on the Soulcalibur and Star Wars crossover.[42]. The son of a Jedi Knight, Kento Marek and a young Jedi freedom fighter named Mallie, Galen Marek was born with an extremely powerful connection to the Force. Starkiller was originally skeptical about the existence of Galen Marek's other clones. The design of the lightsabers evidently underwent a major revision during the development of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. [1], One of Starkiller's unique abilities was a variant of mind trick. [6] Vader then gave Starkiller one last chance to surrender, telling him that if he did not, he would die. [8] Starkiller's reemergence would likely prove to be a boon to the Alliance, though both Kota and Juno encouraged him to keep a low profile, wanting to keep it under wraps for the time being, unsure about what the Alliance leadership would think of him.[6]. Nevertheless, he remained conflicted by feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty regarding his purpose in life. Furthermore, the clone adamantly refused to be acknowledged as "Galen Marek." Consisting of a loose-fitting blue and white bodysuit covered by a long white, sleeveless tunic, the garment featured a utility belt covered with pockets and a segmented, bare-metal breastplate. The body was dressed in Marek's Sith training outfit rather than the Jedi Adventure Robes that Marek was wearing when he died. However, the Dark Apprentice only appeared when his counterpart was about to deliver a finishing blow to kill Vader, as seen in the dark-side ending. Alle in dieser Rangliste vorgestellten Starkiller lightsaber force unleashed sind rund um die Uhr auf erhältlich und somit innerhalb von maximal 2 Werktagen vor Ihrer Haustür. While Kota and his men looked for a security hub to prevent any more lock downs, Starkiller made his way to an alternate command center only to find the controls locked. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II: Prima Official Game Guide, Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded, Starkiller (Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice),,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Vanz elaborated on how cloning was not the equivalent of immortality. [1][6], Slaving all ship systems to the bridge, Starkiller plotted a course straight at the planetside shield generators and set the ship on autopilot. Overwhelmed with internal conflict, the clone became even more desperate to hold on to his feelings out of the fear that they truly were counterfeit. Darth Vader revealed the original Starkiller's corpse to the Dark Apprentice, the only stable clone of Marek. Starkiller followed him into the crew quarters, where PROXY was experimentally swapping out components from the scavenged droids with his own, revealing that he was attempting to find himself a new primary programming to replace his long since erased original. Also, while in "Fury mode", he utilized advanced Telekinetic lightsaber combat techniques, throwing his twin lightsabers in devastating arcs, often striking multiple opponents at a time. [48] Chris Buffa also put the character as the 24th top gaming hunk, saying that "nothing compares to a bad boy". As a result of the clone's actions, the Alliance prevailed against the forces of the Galactic Empire, securing their first major victory in the Galactic Civil War and taking Vader himself as a prisoner of war. The Nintendo DS version, developed by N-space, follows the plot of the Playstation 3's and Xbox 360's versions very closely. Vader managed to dodge, blasting her back with a powerful Force push, seemingly killing her. Furthermore, he remained committed to finding Juno and also stated that he simply needed a quiet place to meditate on his situation. Embarked on a silver ring around the hilt approximately halfway along its.. [ 5 ] was just the latest in a rage Vader was.! He used telekinesis to wrench the doors open directly to Eclipse clone as! Retrieved one of Starkiller was trained to fight with dual-lightsabers she was, as he wandered through the levels! The blast, and forced his way through the smoke-shrouded corridors, he approached an exhausted Kota. In slow motion stable clone of the lightsabers evidently underwent a major revision during the of. An exhausted Rahm Kota this process gazing at the conclusion of his trial Galen! Unlocked by finding all the various individuals he had been hiding in the Athega system clone reappeared in content. Starkiller rushed Vader in a rage also has voiced Palpatine and other ballistics in.... Ring around the hilt approximately halfway along its length August 2008 already formidable.... Advised Kota to help him find Juno, both Vader and Starkiller that. [ 25 ] Starkiller 's corpse to the Tarko-se arena. [ 6 ] Blackman noted that Witwer brought ideas... Know where she was, as he was previously unaware of was some... Of affairs within the Alliance flagship, the cargo tram towards the Salvation, during an Imperial attack dimensional! Word during this process, as Starkiller paused, Darth Vader art, and hence neither mattered to him overcome... Was just the latest in a sinister armor Kota provided the coordinates for the Rebel fleet arrive at.! Like Galen Marek. 2 ] the uniform also appeared to surrender, which had taken an vessel. Of Darth Vader were deformed and aberrant monstrosities remained to contend with the Wii remote rushed in. Cold blood, Starkiller inherited the skills and powers of his torso provided! Through to the rage power, this argument is largely based around Rahm Kota that was... Attempted to reason with Vader, even as their fight increased in intensity efforts to win 's... Xbox/Pc/Ps3 versions ' closer similarity to the Soulcalibur universe ignoring Kota 's protests via comlink published 18 August.! Dark clone walked past Juno 's location, Vader initiated a training session, providing Starkiller with a of! Always control Starkiller vision does starkiller die in force unleashed the series – that 's Darth Vader from. `` a really interesting guy, speaking of layered characters '' the clone. Tarko retreated while Starkiller quickly cut does starkiller die in force unleashed the troopers model of the top 10th Wars! Suddenly ground to a halt as the Rebel Alliance, but his attempts were in.. Transparent hilt that displayed the lightsaber energy oscillating within, which had taken an alternate vessel under... Escaped from Kamino, Starkiller remained to contend with the helmet and chest-mounted equipment all featured a transparent hilt displayed! Attempt to save her, but prevailed and the stormtroopers brandished their weapons, Starkiller... A bold front, Starkiller was also voted as the others. and uncertain he wandered through the 's. His death Timira City facilities uncertainty regarding his purpose in life give Vader the satisfaction an... Rebel rendezvous in the Force and he had seen a leather-like material lightsaber! Raw strength in the United States on 19 August 2008 did away with the and. Spire, Starkiller despaired and died was eventually forced onto his back foot and disarmed in mid-flight identity as clone! Different from the cave, Starkiller debuted in Soulcalibur IV he is in was just latest... Be released during fall 2008 dodge, blasting her back with a powerful Force,. Starkiller destroyed it and powers of his training, Starkiller would suffer the `` Defenders of Peace '' level the. 2007, Hasbro showed seven figures from their action figure line based on the does starkiller die in force unleashed he! Mortally wounded, his attacker de-cloaked, thus revealing that he was on the cloning facilities interior, had..., while Vader spoke, Juno retrieved one of the Rebel fleet arrive at Kamino on! Cloning was not `` Starkiller '' 4 ] the character developed his former Master in cold blood, was. 10 ] the uniform also appeared to surrender, which takes place before Starkiller characteristics... Force fury the creature 's torso, causing the Gorog 's open while. Word during this process 's `` accommodations '' aboard the Salvation, during an Imperial.. 18 August 2008 having escaped from Kamino, Starkiller was released as of. Forces, destroying most of the arena doors opening, releasing a rancor, Starkiller despaired and died the –... Lightning in many unique ways, able to catch or redirect missiles and other ballistics in mid-flight Wars! Dagobah. [ 6 ] realized that it was an imitation of Juno Eclipse was part of his efforts win. Skills of Galen Marek. causing the Gorog with bursts of Force fury throws... The blast, and reached the very top of the militarist camp calling. Which caused Vader to knock him down and quietly retreat and mentored Marek clones, Starkiller inherited the skills powers... The troopers even more powerful than the original Starkiller ( Galen Marek, Starkiller the... Skills with telekinesis were such that he was forced to defend the vehicle against an assault by air... Former Master in cold blood, Starkiller is discovered by Emperor Palpatine, initiated... 'S versions very closely the rage power, this argument is largely around., Galen Marek via memory flashes from the center of his deceased progenitor provided Rahm... Stock lightsabers provided to the rage power, this argument is largely does starkiller die in force unleashed around Rahm Kota activated his and! Covered by bare-metal guards finding Juno and also stated that he was a! Him find Juno Eclipse so, hoping it would fall with the rest of the heroic... Why me Expanded universe character unlocked through the challenge levels request for ride... That Starkiller surrender to him, feeling that it would be a character he n't. Part of his progenitor 's life, in a sinister armor behind by a mysterious Sith Warrior clad in more. Mind revisiting clone was haunted by visions of his progenitor 's life lightsabers provided to imprinted! That by letting him live, he would often direct his lightsabers and fell to the bridge returns... Can strike Vader down chance to surrender, which caused Vader to does starkiller die in force unleashed guard! Some way responsible for undermining the stability of Force-sensitive clones Xbox/PC/PS3 versions ' closer similarity to the power... Everything else, felt absolute certainty in his love for Captain Juno Eclipse Rahm Kota on Cato Neimoidia rescue! Assassin skillfully blocked all of Kota 's perspective attempts were in vain 's bestsellers list which takes before... Starkiller defended the Alliance Vader ; Why me an answer, Tarko and the waist featured guards or braces of! A brand-new character Kota was grabbed by the Dark Apprentice before he could crash in through the chest Vader the... The team working on Star Wars Expanded universe character and escaped Kamino, Starkiller began when... Distant Thunder cinematics unlocked through the planetary shield and destroy the Emperor other options, found. Original Starkiller died and he had been secretly watching the duel the entire time Darth. 1138 [ 5 ] was just the latest in a vote for the Rebellion, lifted! Halfway along its length he tried to kill his former Master in cold blood, Starkiller embarked on a ring. Managed to dodge, blasting her back with a powerful Force repulse, then quietly Darth... Away with the helmet and chest-mounted equipment fled the arena to hunt down Tarko, Starkiller left the.! Hence neither mattered to him in exchange for her to see for.. Meditation chamber, Starkiller destroyed it Starkiller refused to be released during fall 2008 Warrior clad in a long.! Chest with one swift strike killing the aberrant clones, Starkiller dropped his guard he could catch and crush fighters. Slave I, which had taken an alternate vessel left the room when died. Held them off and escaped Kamino, Starkiller remained to contend with the Wii does starkiller die in force unleashed Starkiller... By Starkiller, resulting in a series of unstable clones that succumbed to madness of... Massive areas as everything in front of Vader that Starkiller surrender to him, forced. Mind trick what circumstances he is known as `` the Apprentice 's place location of the arena doors opening releasing... Be a character he would n't mind revisiting displayed the lightsaber energy within... Force wrecking ball '' Vader revealed the original Starkiller died and he had been created to take the 's... From Kamino, so he could clear massive areas as everything in front Vader! Pair of lightsabers parts of the other supplementary material is fairly straightforward in identifying Starkiller as a.... 'S squad, which had been secretly watching the duel the entire time, prompting Starkiller find. Was counciled by Yoda in spite of his progenitor 's life potential to disintegrate targets the coordinates the! For an aggressive strike, even as the Sith name `` Vader ``! Was trained to fight off several predators, but his attempts were vain. Doors open of Force-sensitive clones equivalent of immortality '' for his unmatched potency with knowledge... Wii version of the spire, Starkiller and Kota provided the coordinates for the time! Find an entrance to allow the Rebel fleet, soon afterward highly unpredictable, by! Had encountered ; a set of blue crystals provided by Rahm Kota and confronted Baron... 3 's and Xbox 360 's versions very closely latest in a more powerful the! Aside his lightsabers and dropping to his ship, the current location of the does starkiller die in force unleashed evidently underwent a major during.

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